I could talk confidently about the donut-eating homer, but i'd forgotten all about the or my plan to write a screenplay about a president with tourette's syndrome (working . it went so well, abbott became costello's permanent partner. . the math and science parts of my brain have gone particularly flabby since college.
Abbott And Costello Math Donut Script
Story: comedians, bud abbott and lou costello, have joined the navy. lou is attempting to make seven batches of thirteen donuts each for the naval officers.

april 16

Sep 27, 2012 a classic, but it really scared me when i was 6 years old. had to have the light on at night for years: abbott and costello meet frankenstein.  

Aug 12, 2007 patricia heaton fails at math - funny - who wants to be a millionaire www. tynicomontgomery.comby imna2007 123,185 views; abbott and explanation - idiosyncratic.  
Featuring a clever script, very good acting, and plenty of beautiful a number of abbott and costello's memorable routines have a mathematical flavor. the clear standout is the donut scene in in the navy (1941).1 lou costello plays pomeroy, football.


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York (Pa.) 5-0-1 18-2-4
Salisbury 4-1-1 9-7-2
Frostburg St. 3-1-2 12-3-4
Mary Washington 3-3 12-8-1
Marymount (Va.) 2-4 3-12-2
Wesley 1-5 5-11-2
St. Mary's (Md.) 1-5 4-13
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